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Primary Location:328 Crandon Blvd., Suite 206, Key Biscayne, Florida 33149

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    Empower Yourself

    Unparalleled strategies to grow & transform the human spirit.
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    Black Belt Excellence

    Challenge Yourself To Set New Goals & Reach New Heights.
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    Grow With RDCA

    Take The Journey & Tap Into Your Incredible Potential.

The Ultimate Black Belt Experience

Empower yourself through our extraordinary program that will enhance your mind, body and spirit. Through the martial arts and guided motivational training, we forge a stronger you. These empowerment skills have been honed over the past 3,000 years, and RDCA is prepared to pass them on to you!

A Rich History

RDCA (Robert Duzoglou’s Combative Arts) is the result of Sensei Robert’s lifelong passion and affinity for the martial arts. With over 45 years experience and Black Belts in 5 styles, his goal has always been to provide an elite education in self defense, covering a range of disciplines and skill sets.

Character Development

Utilizing the martial arts as a platform for character development, we constantly engage our students in discussion about subjects such as discipline, respect, persistence and compassion. Constantly reinforcing our pillars of Love, Hope, Faith and Charity in and outside of the dojo.

Modern & elegant facility

Become a part of something great.

Take a brief tour of our facility and see what makes RDCA MMA stand out from the rest.

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Meet the team

Sensei Robert's innovative Martial Arts education and character development are the shoulders of strength on which RDCA Stands.

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Sensei Robert Duzoglou

Founder | 10th Degree

Owner of RDCA MMA
Member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Published Author
Partner at D-Squared Engineering
Former President of the Coalition of Chambers (Miami) & Key Biscayne Chamber
Former member of the Rotary Club

A Life Coach, recording artist and acomplished competitor, Sensei Morgan is the passion & creativity on which RDCA thrives.

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Sensei Morgan Duzoglou

Program Director | 5th Degree

National Champion
Certified Professional Life Coach (iPEC)
Published Author
Recording Artist & Songwriter

An accomplished competitor and member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Sensei Derek is the positivity and talent on which RDCA runs.

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Sensei Derek Duzoglou

Head Instructor | 5th Degree

National Champion
Member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Masters in Mechanical Engineering
Founder of D Squared Engineering

A very versatile athlete - from lacrosse to soccer and more. Sandan Diego brings fun and warm energy to RDCA.

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Sandan Diego Aguirre

Instructor | 3rd Degree

Student at FIU – Business School
Member of the Mindo, Ecuador medical missions

One of RDCA’s greatest success stories! His competition acomplishments are exemplary, and his humor unmatched!!

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Yondan Kenzo Tamae

Instructor | 4th Degree

National Champion
Student at FIU – Business School

Our Programs


Our Ranger program is the perfect program for our youth to learn basic skills such as focus, strength, control, and self-defense amongst many others. We strive to build each student into a confident individual with values and consideration for their families, friends and anyone else they may meet along the way. They are the future!


Our youth program is our strongest at RDCA! Focusing on strengthening each student from the inside out via our Character Development Program & carefully constructed RDCA curriculum. These children are most certainly above the curve. Through group and partner drills our students are well versed in their MMA education studying over 9 different styles of Martial Arts. From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing, to learning and practicing respect for others. We couldn’t be more proud of each of these incredible kids!


Did someone say AWESOME? That’s exactly what our Tween classes are. Full of energy, friendship, and pumped up training these students bring the BANG to RDCA’s walls. They have taken on the challenge of becoming exemplary students, family members and friends, and it most certainly shows. From championship titles and community service projects, to honor rolls and assisting on the mat, these students are the reason RDCA is growing and breaking records year after year.

Teens & Adults
13 & up

Want to be in shape? RDCA is where you ant to be! Want to learn to defend yourself? We will give you real scenario based training and prepare you with strength and confidence. Want to center yourself? Perhaps grow your mind and spirituality to find a deeper, truer purpose? Then this is most certainly the place for you. Through meditation and consistent teachings on growth you will learn about the “More” you’ve been looking for. RDCA is the ULTIMATE Black Belt Experience! Join now and unlock your true and unlimited potential.


“I have been studying and training Martial Arts for over 25 years. I lived in japan for 3 years while serving in the Marine Corp. I have fought MMA on a professional level, and the techniques I’ve learned from RDCA work! They are battle tested and combat proven… RDCA IS THE REAL DEAL! Osu!”


Our Ranger program is the perfect program for our youth to learn basic skills such as focus, strength, control, and self-defense amongst many others. We strive to build each student into a confident individual with values and consideration for their families, friends and anyone else they may meet along the way. They are the future!


“Sensei, you have such a balance between loving and encouraging – and firmness and demanding. We truly appreciate you and what (and how) you are teaching the kids.”


“Congratulations on your award of Excellence from the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce. The business community is very proud of you and your accomplishments and the recognition that you bring to our island.”


“When I started at RDCA, I learned that even though you can have fun, you should always have respect and discipline. I learned that my biggest dreams could come true if I tried and tried and practiced. I have learned that my body is like a big rock. I have to polish it, take care of it, and work with it, and in time it will be a diamond.”


“There is nothing like RDCA here in Honduras. We’ve looked for another school, but our experiences have fallen well short of our expectations; mostly due to the fact that the schools here do not have the same sense of family or spiritual completeness that you have so graciously shared with us over the years.”


“Just know that you are always in our thoughts and in our hearts, and we wish you only the best. May God bless you and your family. We love you, and will never forget everything that you have done for us.”