Derek Duzoglou

RDCA Head Instructor

* RDCA 6th Degree Black Belt
* 2x National Champion
* 4x State Champion
* Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee
* Creator of Str8 Blast
* Masters in Mechanical Engineering
* 30 Years of Martial Arts Experience

Meet Sensei Derek

“Sensei” isn’t just the title that was awarded to Derek Duzoglou. It is most certainly the lifestyle that he has proudly adopted and lives passionately by day in and day out. Weather it be preparing his students to be physically fit with RDCA, STR8 BLAST or private classes, mentally tough with his motivational talks, or spiritually connected with Life Quest, Sensei Derek always leads with compassion. This combined with 30 years of Martial Arts knowledge and experience makes for a tested, tried and true tactics.

Finding a balance in life can most certainly be a challenge. This specific reason is why Sensei Derek is such a valuable pillar on which RDCA stands. His art of motivation, teaching style and life lessons are all pivotal tools in the upbringing of our youth, and the strength of which many of our adult students thrive on. If you choose excellence in your life or the lives of your children, then Sensei Derek is a gift you will always be grateful for.

MMA High Intensity Interval Training 80%
Curriculum Innovation 95%
Motivational Speaking 100%
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