Robert Duzoglou

Founder of RDCA

* RDCA 10th Degree Black Belt
* Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee
* Black Belts in 4 Styles
* Pioneer of Mixed Martial Arts
* Co-Creator of Life Quest
* Published Author
* University Professor

Meet Sensei Robert

Sensei Robert has made searching for excellence and a higher calling an integral part of his personal, work, and family life. He has practiced and taught the enlightened connection that meditation provides for over 45 yrs. He has reached the highest level that the martial arts have to offer, achieving a 10th degree black belt, the title of Sensei, and the honor of a place in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Sensei Robert’s professional business career has included chair of the Coalition of Chambers of Miami Dade, award-winning business banker, real estate developer, and sustainability consultant for several communities throughout the United States. Currently, Robert devotes his time to his RDCA MMA martial arts program, for which he has grown an incomparable platform with the commendable purpose of influencing, guiding, and instilling values in the youth of today to become the exemplary humans of tomorrow.

Character Builder 100%
Motivational Innovator 95%
Martial Arts Guru 90%
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